Resort Facilities

  • Hotel Night View

  • Beach Front Restaurant

  • Open Water Dive Pool Lesson


  • 75 Square Meters Indoor Pool & adjacent Massage Bubbles
  • El Patio Restaurant
  • Marivelles Restaurant
  • Elizabeth Hall
  • Dive Center

puerto galera resort pool

75 Square Meters Indoor Pool & Adjacent Massage Bubbles:


Not a beach person but like the water? Need to keep an eye on the kids? Our centrally located swimming pool and its adjacent massage bubbles is the answer


EL Patio Restaurant


Our poolside restaurant is the perfect place to start your day! Enjoy a Filipino breakfast of fried garlic rice, eggs however you want them, accompanied by local delicacies of tocino ( Filipino ham), Longganisa (native sausages) or daing ( marinated fish) . We also serve well loved, traditional, American breakfasts of fluffy pancakes, French toast, omelettes with hashers of sausages, bacon or ham. Feeling oriental today? Then it's Congee with sidings of pickled vegetables, century egg, minced meet and sautéed vegetables. Something light? A basket of fresh baked bread, local mango, guava or coconut jam with a pot of brewed coffee it is!


puerto galera resort pool

marivelLes restaurant


Located on our top floor, this is an ideal place to unwind over drinks and dinner. Also the perfect for small parties. Take a turn at the karaoke or put on your dancing shoes.


ELizabeth hall


Our meeting and function room comes with the latest visual equipment and can fit 120 persons comfortably.


dive center


Marco Vincent Dive Resort is committed to provide quality dive education. Training safe, environmentally conscious divers is the center’s top priority. To ensure this, our dedicated dive pool is designed to meet the requirements of beginner courses. The depth of the pool is divided into two, 5ft and 10ft.
The dive pool is the ideal contained, relaxed, environment to introduce beginners to new techniques and equipment that will enable them to conduct themselves safely in and out of the underwater realm.


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Scuba diving in the Philippines offers a breathtaking experience to all divers enthusiast around the world because of its spectacular marine life.

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